Welcome to benbroadbent.com The home of fine artist Ben Broadbent BA(Hons).

Ben is a student of anatomy working primarily with bronze in the discipline contemporary figurative sculpture.


Ben is currently developing a portfolio of figurative bronze sculptures exploring aspects of the human condition, particularly strength be it physical, mental or moral. These are often depicted by the meshing of human and animal anatomy where the animal denotes an extreme of the human drive in play. Ben is also interested in exploring the definition of masculinity in the current climate.




I have just finished updating the website for Nov 2018. It’s been a while coming, but this surge of activity is in order to get everything ready before I seek representation in the new year. I set a goal of having six strong bronze pieces ready by the end of the year and I've almost done it! Three of which are in my "current works" section, two are being cast and one is in moulding. Watch this space! Speaking of which, I have started an Instagram page. This is the best place to go for up to date info. Hopefully I'll have figured out how to put a link in before I publish this!

Do get in touch on the contact page regarding commissions or the like.


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